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      We are a province of Canada with a total population of 135,000, not enough new plumbers coming up from the ranks, any idea,s how to encourage new blood?? pse reply

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      Harold Kestenholz

      A non-profit association, NOTA of the Energy Industry, has brochures for companies to place in the schools and youth organizations to describe the potential of learning a plumbing vocation, such as good income, interesting study, and the potential of running a business, among other benefits. Contact by plumbers with educators initiates awareness of vocational needs. Go to for contact information.

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      Terry: I’d make an educated guess and say your from PEI. Unfortunately, you won’t find the answer for your problem in a plumbing helpsite. The reason provines such as yours is simply because there’s NO work in your part of the country. NO work.. skilled tradesmen leave to greener pastures. Living in Alberta I see the other side of the coin. Alberta’s facing a SHORTAGE of skilled tradesmen due to the volume of work here. Your/our problem lies with the deadweight in Ottawa and the chief ringleader,His royal highness, J.C. Find out what your MP is doing to improve the economy in your part of this great country, if he’ll bother to listen to you. Good luck!!
      Marty from Edmonton

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      Harold Kestenholz

      I appreciate that Mr Milner answers in an attempt to help; but I question if he has thought out the results of his advice. (1)Waiting for a politician to do something about the lack of plumbers is gong to be a long wait, unless a group of plumbers go to his offices, contribute money to a campaign and persist as a public pressure – some functions of a professional plumbing association. This hope of political action is one main reason for the lack of recruits. School leaders are primarily politicians. The big draw for them now is computer training. (2) The fact that plumbers are drawn to more lucrative areas indicates that it is easier to work for others than to be a businessman. If there really is no opportunity where you are, you would not be in a position to need help getting all the work done in your area, so you would not be asking for help in getting recruits. (3 )An answer to the problem is to get recruits in the manner posted above. Get new plumbers the same way you can get customers; communicate with them. Attract youth with the benefits of your trade. If you can’t convince yourself that what you are doing is profitable and worthwhile, there might be a reason no one else can be influenced to work in your trade. Meet and greet.

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      I LOVE PEI and if this is the place I would settle there in a heart beat and be the islands only plumber if need be.

      Just let me know about your gun laws as I several I would love to bring over to help keep your country free and civilized

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