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      I live in a apartment complex in the state of Minnesota where the hot water heater was just replaced and to me it looks like it was connected wrong to the water as I will explain and hope someone can tell me if its wrong or not…

      We had a 100 gal hot water heater with two 100 gal storage tanks. There are 54 apts in the building. They replaced it with a “A.O. Smith HW 300-932” which only stands about 4 feet and to me looks like a tankless system that heats water on demand.

      The way they connected to water pipes is the water heater goes to the two storage tanks and a return back from the tanks to the heater.. My problem is they have the fresh water line connected to the newly heated water coming from the heater to the storage tanks meaning the fresh water is tapped into the inlet of the storage tanks coming from the heater itself and also with the same size pipe so as I see it the water that is heated is mixed 50/50 with cold water before going into the storage tanks.

      From what I know from doing them in the past as a maint man myself at apts and according to the directions for installation for this unit (I looked it up on the net) the fresh water should be connected the return line from the storage tanks back to the heater.

      Also can you verify that the hottest we can have the water by law is only 130 deg?

      Please email me directly on this.



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      Also can you verify that the hottest we can have the water by law is only 130 deg?

      NOT TRUE..

      Depending on which code you read what the temperature ratings shall be.

      130 degree’s will NOT KILL bacteria that can hibernate inside these tanks.

      Most legitimate codes do state for domestic dish washers the temperature should be 140-160 degree’s F and for commercial applications 160 degree wash and 180 degrees in lieu of chemicals for sterilization.

      The 130 number came about because people today are stupid and cannot be held accountable for their own actions.

      Because of lawyers we now have a society of victims and morons.

      If a person buys a cup of coffee and pours it in their lap the coffee maker is guilty.

      If a guy steals a cops gun and shoots someone the gun manufacturer is the criminal.

      A guy goes into a bar drinks like a fool gets behind the wheel of a car kills several folks the bar tender is guilty.

      This is why water heaters are now being lowered to dangerously low temperatures.

      As long as morons can find away to get hurt and scum of the earth lawyers are lurking under rocks more and more companies are going to manufacturer in other countries and try to make equipment almost fool proof.

      The piping arrangement should be as specified by the manufacturer.

      Now if lawyers were no longer on earth the Quality of brain power would rise considerably.

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