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      azeez salem

      i have recently bought a house on a hill with the water main in the street at the bottom of the hill, i can run two baths and the tank will then take 3 hrs to fill up the presure is crap, i have heard that building regs states that the water board is to give me 31/2 bar to 4 bar of presure at the external stop tap is this right ?? if not what can i do to up he presure can i put a single impeLlar pump on before the tank can i put a second tank so one fills the other ????

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      JasonD. I dont know what the regs are in pomyland but I believe your best bet would be to contact a Master Plumber in your area, it could be that your pipesizing is wrong.
      In Queensland we must size the service to attain a pressure with all taps on and at the highest outlet 50kpa or 5m head (16ft)at a max flow velocity of 3m/sec.
      Regards Bob

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