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      We are a family of 4 moving into an area on well water and city sewers with a hardness rating of 20-22 grains, iron of 1.5-2, and possibly 2ppm of tannin(not sure if I trust the source on the tannin rating). We’ve never had well water and are wondering what we really need. We will be using an under the sink RO system with separate tap(recommendations appreciated).

      Is there really that much difference between softeners(i.e. Sears/Eco vs. Fleck vs. Kinetico)? Is upflow regeneration truly better? Should we consider a separate rust filter or tannin resins? Is a twin tank system overkill? edkqlr@yahoo.com

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      Please see the following article it is one of the best I have found concerning water softeners. You will need to use an iron filter before the water softener a water softener can only handle 1 ppm of iron. I personally like the Fleck control head it is the work horse of the industry. You will need to come to your own conclusions on what system to buy. If you are looking for an RO system please see the ROCONN web site.
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      I would go with the RO system why take a chance?

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