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      The Woodford outdoor wall faucet (looks like model 17) will only turn about 3/4 turn and therefore does not have a lot of pressure. Last summer I am sure it turned about two full turns like the other one on our house. I am wondering if this could be related to a freeze problem, I am sure the hose has always been disconnected.

      I don’t think it is leaking but I cannot see the faucet or the pipe connecting to it because it is a finished basment. The basement was finished last year and this is the first winter with the finished basement, and I am wondering if maybe the faucet or the connecting pipe could have become cold enough to freeze since it is on the cold side of the drywall whereas previous to the basement refinish the pipe was in the warm air in the basement.

      Any ideas as to what the problem is, how to remedy it and should I be concerned about the possibility that the limited turn of the handle could be related to any damage from freezing which could mean an unknown leak behind the drywall???

      Thanks in advance

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      OK easy one here.

      Want to find out if this type device is leaking GET a hose bib cap and cap the outlet.
      Turn on the water supply and LISTEN no sounds means no leaks TA DUM

      Now find the closet isolation valve shut it disassemble this valve remove the long valve stem as per manufacturers directions.

      Get “Key grease” and lubricate the spindle threads completely look inside the valve opening with a flash light Or have someone open the valve and then close it to flush out any debris or particles stuck inside, reassemble valve and this should allow it to function as good as new.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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