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      My well water measures 81mg/L silica, about 5 grains hardness. I have a Kinetico water softener upstream of a 10,000 gal storage tank. Whenever water dries in the house it leaves white spots. Is this silica? How can I get rid of the spots and the cause of the spots. Esp bad on SST kitchen sink.

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      Your Kinetico may be too small for the job.(Disregard if it worked at one
      time. ) It either has not a deep enough bed (should be around 31 inches)
      (you may have a broken strainer and washed all the resin out) or you are
      exceeding the flow rate for the unit. I think they usually will accept
      about 10 GMP/cu ft of resin. The most likely thing is that there is also
      some iron in the well water and it has fouled the resin to where it no
      longer works. Five grains of hardness isn’t much (85 ppm ) usually people
      don’t even buy a softener till they reach about 200 ppm of hardness. This
      is not to say taking out the 85 won’t make your water much more pleasant or
      that 150 ppm is any picnic to deal with. .Other things to look at, does your
      brine at weigh 10 lbs per gallon? Does the softener draw about 4 gallons
      of brine every time it regenerates? If it don’t draw it’s salt,, it is just
      a wide spot in the pipe.


      What kind of water assay do you get after it passes through your
      ion exchange tank? Could be it’s not doing what it is supposed to be
      doing. Maybe a RO unit would be more efficacious.

      Oh well Good luck either way

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      If you need any more advice or possible hints please feel free to contact me

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