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      The problem is that my toilet doesn’t seem to generate enough of a flush to completely empty the bowl. The water tank is full to capacity before flushing, but after pulling the trigger I get a lame flush. It seems to my inexperienced eyes that the water is not moving from the tank to the bowl fast enough. Any tips or suggestions to help me out here??

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      You have one of two possible problems.
      1. Toilet is partially clogged. Solution-Auger toilet. Possibly remove from floor and check for obstruction.
      2. As you said water not getting from tank to bowl fast enough. Try this first. Pour a bucket of water directly into bowl. If it flushes readily, Your “ports” may be clogged up. You can try to improve this by gently putting a bent paper clip through all the ports on the inside rim of the bowl. Or replace the toilet. Good luck, Jeff

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      Jeff also check under the flapper or tank ball to make sure the opening where the water leaves the tank to enter the bowl isn’t partially blocked.let us know what you find out.

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      I use the “bucket of water” method to flush the toilet now, and when I pour extra water into the bowl it flushes powerfully. I agree the ports may be clogged. I am going away for a couple days and thought I’d seal the ports and pour white vinegar in the water tank. Hopefully this will break up any sediment that has collected in the ports under the rim. Thanks again!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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