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      I have a well approximatley 65 feet deep . The well was installed 8 years ago when we built our home. the trouble where having is after we pump around 40 gallons of water to fill a jaccuzzi tub or what ever the water gets dirty and i mean brown. it will last for about 2 days before everything settles down and clears up. this has been going on for quite some time, during day to day use with no major consumption like the tub or filling a pool everything is fine. Is there a way i can correct this by repostionig my pump? is it to low? or to High? Thank you!

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      It is quite possible the dirty water is coming from your expansion tank. Try filtering the water before it goes into your expansion tank. Have your water tested? You may have an iron problem or this may be the result of corrosion.

      Respectfully David F. WallingStop spending your hard earned money on bottled water.

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      My pressure tank is of the fiberglass type and was replaced about 3 years ago.
      If memory serves this happened a few times with the old tank also.
      is there away to drain or clean the tank without screwing up the precharged pressure? It’s a well mate.
      The contracter that built our home did not have a clue on how to do plumbing but insisted on doing it himself we came to find out. This is why i wonder if the pump was ever set right in the first place. I have had numerous plumbing related nitemares over the last few years. But this one is getting ugly.

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      The substance is dirt for sure. it leaves sand in the tub and dirt in the screens on the faucet when it acts up. Thanks….

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