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      I have a water softener that was installed several years ago by a local plumber who has dies. I am in need of a few parts for the controller. I have the Mfg. instruction book that has an exploded view of the controller and part numbers for each part. The bad news is the Mfg. Instruction book does not give the name of the Mfgr. I opened the top of the controller and found the name Autotrol. Can anyone help me obtain parts for the controller? I live about 50 miles from Minneapolis, Mn. 320-274-5804 Blaine Barkley

      Thanks for your help.

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      Contact a few water treatment dealers in your area. As Auotrol is a very common valve a dealer will be able to help you. Make sure you ask questions as to their labor warranty, parts warranty and it also helps to know if they belong to the WQA, BBB or some orginization that adheres to a code of ethics.

      Aaron Biffert

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      Please see the folowing web site. From there you should contact Osmonics residential equipment and ask for some local dealers in your area.

      Respectfully David F. Walling
      Osmonics and Autotrol

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      A very big thank you to Aaron Biffert and David Walling for responding to my request for help. They, and this bulletin board are a great service to the public!

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