How to add air to water pressure tank?

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      Andrew Jones

      It’s an Air Guard 42 gal. 75lb. max. psi tank. Once a year, the previous owner said he would have to add air to the tank. Could someone offer some direction on the proper procedure for doing this?
      The Schroeder fitting…should I check the pressure here before I do anything? What should it read? There is a gauge in the line where the water enters the house from the well but, before it enters the tank. As water is turned on, this gauge holds at about 45-46 psi. and the device just above this gauge seems to cycle about every 4-5 seconds as well as the actual flow of water.

      If I need to add air, which valves need to be turned off? (There’s a water filter in the line).
      Do I have to completely drain the system?
      Can I add air with a foot pump type of “compressor”?
      How much pressure should the bladder have?
      Why is it losing air?
      I appreciate all the help I can get.
      Thank you

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      fourth year

      You have to turn off the supply valve to the system and drain all the water from the tank. Drain all the water you can out of the tank by opening a faucet and letting it run until it stops. Then check the air pressure in the tank. If it is zero, then all the water may not be out of the tank so leave the faucet open while you add air. Pump it up to about 5 pounds less than the pump’s turn on point so that the tank is still pressurized when the pump starts.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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