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      I recently bought a house (in Brisbane, Australia) and it has a sink mixer tap (up/down for on/off, left/right for hot/cold). The tap lever is quite stiff and difficult to turn on gently. It is about 5 years old.

      Thinking that it needed lubricating, I pulled it apart, smothered all surfaces with new tap grease and reassembled it. But it is still too stiff, though slightly improved.

      I noticed that the original grease in the tap looked like a clear oil, and the grease I put in it is a white paste (called ‘tap grease’ from my local hardware shop). Is this the right stuff to use?

      There seems to be a compromise between a leaky tap and a stiff tap. Ie, it only becomes stiff when tighened enough to completely stop any leaks. The entire tap, inside and out, shows no visible wear.

      How do I fix it?

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      You have some worn parts,replace the parts and it will work fine.

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