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      I am having difficulties with my electric hot water heater, manufactured by Hoyt Water Heaters of Reno, NV.

      The hot water heater was installed in October 1988. I believe that the heating element may need to be replaced. I have turned off the electrical breaker switch for the hot water heater and then pushed the reset button. Still no hot water. Any advise for me? Is Hoyt Water Heaters still in business? If so, any contact information. THANK YOU for your

      Rex Haught

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      fourth year

      You may have one of the last Hoyt heaters produced. The parts for the heater are not specific to it, so generic parts will fit. A plumber can analyze the problem and repair the element(s) and/or thermostat(s) that is causing the lack of water. However if there is more than one faulty part, you might wish to replace the water heater since in most areas 13 years is more than the normal service life for an electric water heater.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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