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      mike brennan

      I have a Sears Softwater tank about six years old.When it regenerates The Brine tank does not fill back up. I have checked all valves and nozzles they seem to be free of any clog.It puts about 1 cup of water back in tank.any ideas?

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      Remove all salt from tank and check foot valve operation at bottom of tank. Check overfill valve operation to make sure it is letting the water pass to the foot valve. Remove line between control head and brine tank and check for blockages from both ends. The more thorough you are when doing this the better your chances for finding the problem.

      Respectfully David F. WallingStop wasting your money on bottled water

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      Thank you for the reply I have checked all lines and the valve at the bottom of the line all were clear.It will suck all the water out during regeneration but just will not put any back in. I removed foot valve and it still didn’t supply any water only about a cup full.thanks again

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      A Sears softener has dry salt storage. The only time there should be water in the brine tank is during a regeneration. The first cycle of the regeneration is refill, then brine draw/slow rinse, then backwash, then fast rinse, then into service. The water level during service should be no higher than the suction port of the float valve ie:2″.

      Regards, H2O Guy

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      Thanks H20Guy, I usually only install/service commercial softeners for the dialysis industry. This is why I don’t sell them on my web site, consumers are better off with local dealers.

      Respectfully David F. Walling

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