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        We moved into an older house 1 1/2 years ago. The previous owner had installed a Hot Man tankless hot water heater. It has been working fine until the past couple of weeks. The problem: We can get plenty of hot water in the bathroom but little or none in the kitchen.

        The Hot Man is installed behind the cabinets in the kitchen. The piping for the bathroom must come out one side of the unit while the kitchen (and laundry, too) come out the other side of the unit. This is the only way I can figure that the bathroom is getting the hot water and the kitchen isn’t. The kitchen only gets hot water if I run the water in the bathtub for a while. Then we get hot water in the kitchen for a short time. The water coming out of the hot spigot isn’t really cold, more like lukewarm.

        Any ideas what could be happening here? I can’t find any information on the Hot Man or the company that makes it online. Help!

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        Avatar photoGuest

          It is possible that the flow control is not working properly and therefore the flow from the kitchen faucet is not enough to turn the burner on. Using the bathtub would create the necessary flow to turn on the burner and heat the water so the kitchen would get hot water also. Onr of the problems with tankless water heaters is that by the time you need parts, the company has gone out of business and there are no parts available.

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