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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        I’m planning to change my water pipes, and wonder if anyone has information on whether tests have been done on Wirsbo, other than by their company, to determine if water quality is completely safe, or does plastic leach into the water?

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Well copper has been around BEFORE MANKIND and its still the material of choice of professionals who plumb their OWN homes.

          Let the plastic lawsuits continue Id personally stay with time tested and proven Copper


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          Avatar photoALLEN

            Yes,copper has been around for ever. but the reason more people use copper is because the old timers are relutant to try new things.it is my opion that plastic has been tested and is an acceptable substitute. the problem with plastic is your freaze-ups. it is still easeier to thaw copper lines.

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            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

              In reply to message posted by ALLEN:
              Yes,copper has been around for ever. but the reason more people use copper is because the old timers are relutant to try new things.it is my opion that plastic has been tested and is an acceptable substitute. the problem with plastic is your freaze-ups. it is still easeier to thaw copper lines.

              Allen, ever think about the poor folks who had plastic installed and less then 10 years later they are in a class action law suit TRYING to re coup their money?

              Being from Alaska your supposed to care about the environment BUT I guess some folks just don’t care about toxic waste huh?

              It is great your in a state with less population per mile then almost any where else on earth as humans really try to have longevity in piping systems and good health in plumbing.

              Most military handymen would use plastic as it is easy to install and it creates work for real professionals who have to remove it. BUT unfortunately plastic is not recyclable as yet therefore it is TOXIC.

              Allen try reading Green peace sometime as US older guys really do think plumbers protect the health of the nation.

              Why not read the following articles and THINK like a real mechanic (Civilian) as we are looking for customer satisfaction, not the kind of plumbing any home owner can do themselves and something that will not cause cancer or brain damage, ever bother to read all the safety precautions?

              Of course if it is a very cheap job your looking for Yes go plastic and if your not heating YOUR HOME use plastic also.


              One more point “plastic” was the State of the art in under slab heating it lasted almost a full heating season huh?

              Why read what the fire chiefs have to say about TOXICITY and good OLE plastic piping

              Yes, it is GREAT stuff for funeral homes and plumbers who get paid to rip it out when it fails.

              We old guys happen to like systems that out live us.
              Could you imagine (guess not your in the boon docks) If every 20 years we had to re pipe a high rise building 47 floors and above.

              we aint talking out house plummmmmin here We be talking Quality safety and heatlh

              How about replacing city water mains in a populated area every 30 years instead of the 125+ year old Systems in Boston and NYC.

              But you know better Ever try NEW Medication young man?


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              Avatar photoGuest

                Use the plastic.

                Remember to support it properly.

                All jokin aside it is good pipe.

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                Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                  In reply to message posted by Lynn W:
                  I’m planning to change my water pipes, and wonder if anyone has information on whether tests have been done on Wirsbo, other than by their company, to determine if water quality is completely safe, or does plastic leach into the water?

                  Hi Lynn have ever noticed how the stumblebums with no training or licenses spew the virtues of “plastic.”

                  Look at the non qualifications these wanna be plumbers post next to their name.

                  The reason these misfits of the list do not post a license number is they know they legally cannot say they are master plumbers without the proper training.

                  Copper is natural and has health benefits. Here is a Quote the Master Plumber WE Masters seek advice from take it for what it is worth.

                  “You may wish to consider the value of replacing your copper
                  piping with an unproven material that is made from a waste product of the
                  Petrochemical industry in the production of gasoline….Have a nice day.”

                  Remember the non trainable are the one with no formal training and look by their phony names as they have no clue to proper installations.

                  These are the stumblebums you see on the news who rip folks off with improper installations, No name outfits dabbling in various aspects of these trades.

                  Good luck SylvanLMP

                  Lynn why not sent me a private E mail and ILL sign you up to read what the real professionals have to say


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                  Avatar photoGuest

                    I am shocked at some of the accusations on this subject. There is a movement even among the plumbing trade to accept plastic as a useful modern material. Some, however, are carrying their own glass or stainless steel containers so their WaWa or 7-11 coffee will never touch plastic cups and their soda will not endure long hours in plastic bottles.

                    Some worry so that they are forced to carry medication in the original plastic bottles. Their plastic refrigerators, icemakers, coffeemakers, tubs, shower curtains and almost everything that surrounds them during the day, including their automobiles are making them worry about the future of mankind.

                    Hopefully, they will be able to compensate for their distress by adding sufficient paper to their plastic wallets in their plastic clothing that they will be able to sleep at night on their plastic sheets so they will not chew on their plastic pens while they write a check. Beware the plastic keys of your plastic computer.

                    Non-biodegradable pex may be the only remaining proof of mankind in the next millenium.

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                    Avatar photoGuest

                      Harold Outstanding reply.There you go Lynn.Is your question answered?

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                      Avatar photoGuest

                        From what I can see there are only 2 morons on this list ,we know who they are ,don’t we men?Ha Ha tsk tsk tadum and all that good stuff.Old fossils amase me.Also some people have enough guts to follow in their footsteps.If people didn’t try new things ,where would we be today?Some plumbers or should I say wanna be plumbers are stuck in a time warp.In this business we have to stay abreast of changes.If we refuse to do so we will get left behind.It is very evident that a few on this site refuse to do so.Oh well to bad for them.

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                        Avatar photoGuest

                          Harold,thank you very much for your excellent reply.I have been in the plbg.business for over 40yrs.I often wonder where Iwould be today if I did not adapt to changes,probably be without a job.The sad thing about it all is the fact that we have to put up with a few snotnose rookies who refuse to change.They can only baffle thier customers so long.If you snooze,you loose in this business.Hopefully your reply will stop all of the bad mouthing on this site and things will get back to normal.Afew bad apples spoil the whole bunch.Interesting to stand by and see what kind of response your reply brings,Ican just about predict what you know whose response will be . Happy holidays to you all.

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                          Avatar photoGuest

                            Let me start by telling you that I am a third generation plumber.My dad is entering year fifty in this trade.he has said more than once,he wished we still used castiron and galvinized pipe.Anyone that can glue a pipe together thinks he or she is a plumber.My way of thinking is if you have good water copper will last forever.But in our part of the country the acidic levels in wells will eat up the best copper within five years.

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                            Avatar photofourth year

                              It’s amazing how time can change perception. At fifty years, I am sure he never had to thread a piece of 2″ pipe using a block die, but if he had he would never have nostalgia for the galvanized pipe era. And having had workers who “blew” the lead out of a lead pot by inserting a damp or cold ladle, I am not so sure that cast-iron lead joints were the safest either, besides the fumes in a closed room. i will stay with the copper/no-hub/ABS drains of today. Plastic water lines? Their biggest benefit is that it takes little time, skill or experience to install them, which is why it is being used in “tract” housing.

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                              Avatar photoHoward Coursey

                                I’m a third generation plumber too.My grandfather used copper pipe in the house he built in 1939 and its still there.My father has copper pipe in his house and so do i. Just ask a plumber,what kind of pipe he has in his on house? The answer will be copper avery time!!!

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                                Avatar photoHarold Kestenholz

                                  Yes, sir. I know a plumber who repipes his house in copper every three years to stop the leaks from the aggressive well water in his area.

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                                  Avatar photofourth year

                                    Then you also know a very dense plumber who is not learning from his mistakes.

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                                    Avatar photodoubled

                                      damn, just when i was telling the wife it is true, plumbers are intellegent people then i run into an idiot! well im not going to fall into the trap, everyone has an opion that is why i and many more served this country for people to voice their opinions, well as aqupex goes it is a little less mind work than running copper and i agree the old school was more glamorus than now,(burnt arms from poring lead, etc)but as for durability all take aqupex hands down over copper, now don’t get me wrong they both have their place but more often than not supply houses keep importing junk copper that you can almost see thru and seams in 1/2″ pipe that a first year apprentice could cut teeth on. but for all you old school guys when i can run water rough-in in 31/2hours and make the same profit as a 2 day copper job I’ll learn to adapt to the
                                      new and improved plumbing as well ..good day.

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                                      Avatar photoBruce T

                                        Hmmm, This is a very interesting post!
                                        I am just learning, but one of the most important things I’ve learned as of late was that there is no perfect pipe except for the situation you are using it for!!!

                                        I havent been plumbing long but I have experienced both good and bad things about ANY pipe!
                                        example: I worked on a dear old ladies house that lived on top of a mountain. Her house was built by a famous architect of her day..1932
                                        her plumbing was constructed of the new copper plumbing with brass nipples at the wall mounted fixtures!
                                        her house was featured in HOUSE BEAUTIFUL magazine for 3 years in a row back in the day!
                                        Her plumbing was free of scale or ANY deposits when I replaced her shut off valves and her wall mounted kitchen faucet!
                                        BUT, I have also repaired many pinhole leaks in type “L” copper water services in acidic dirt and (too many to count) water heater recirc lines in 10 year old houses!
                                        I have had the honor of trying to stop leaks in qest piping with their cumbursome crimping tool just to create new leaks! and I also have experienced galvanized water service that is relativley scale free after 25 years of use and still holding strong!
                                        I have also used the new butt/socket fusion PE gas pipe that recently got approved in my state.
                                        I have learned that you must use the right pipe for the right situation and that there is no “HOLY GRAIL” of pipe except for the conditions you intend to use them with and their sorrounding subsequent areas or contibuting factors!
                                        Until they produce the “HOLY GRAIL” brand pipe, I guess we will always be in argument!
                                        (in fact I think I learned this from HESHY *can I call you that?* and SYLVAN last week!)

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