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      Ian Law

      I have an American Standard faucet set that has a little boot over the end to the valve stem instead of a regular washer. When the faucet started to leak, I replaced the boot but that did not stop the leak. Any suggestions?

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      What you have is an American Standard aqua seal faucet.Make sure you have it put together right,next check the seats.The seats are what the “BOOT sets on.If the seats are bad the boots can not seal properly.

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      Is there any difference in the seats, or the proceedure for replacing the seats, compared to a regular washer?

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      dcxc The best thing to do is to remove the seat.The seats for this faucet just unscrew from the faucet body.Shut off the water ,remove the stem and shine a lite on the seat to see what condition it is in.An allen wrench will work on some seats.You might have to purchase a universal seat wrench from a hardware store,remove the seat and take it to a plumbing shop for a replacement,do both hot and cold sides as well as replacing both “boots

Viewing 3 reply threads
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