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      all taps are closed in and around my home. my pipes sound like water is still flowing and my leak detecter in the supply meter says water is being used. this has been going on for days but fortunately no water is leaking in the walls as there is no evidence of water leakage anywhere in or around the house. we know the leak is under the house. QUESTION: any way of detecting where the leak is? it seems we would have to dig at random breaking floors etc. there must be a way of isolating the problem please.


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      Jerry, There are devices that electronically locate a slab leak it is called Electronic Slab Leak Detection. A Licensed Plumbing Contractor in your area should have one if you have problems locating a service let me know.
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

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      Thank you for your help. It took one informed response from someone reaching out to help another and I guess that’s why the board is here.


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