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        Ok all you master plumbers, how hard would it be for me to find a job in the central Illinois area? I am currently in the Air Force as a plumber. I am what would be a journeyman in the civilan world. I`m certified in Backflows, Gas distribution system. Have Interior and Exterior plumbing knowledge with some water/ waste water treatment knowledge. I am now finishing up a 3 yr. tour in Germany, I will have had 5 yrs. time in as a plumber when my enlistment is up. If any of you have a moment of time, please drop a line and let me know if I am S**t out of luck. Or if there are some reasuring choices for me out there. V/R Jeff Dornin

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          if you would be willing to relocate to nj, i have a opening for you.

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            Thanks for the offer! But I dont think the little women would be to happy with me if I settled down that far away from family.

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