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        I am researching trades/skills for students and wonder if you have figures for the pay scale of master plumbers with 25+ years of experience? Could you give me a range for companies in the Denver area? thank you

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          The only organization with a fixed scale would be your local plumber’s union. Any non-union shop would pay whatever the workers will accept so there could be a wide variation between companies.

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            Most decent “Master Plumbers” will not work for less then $125,000+ per year.

            My top mechanic journeyman makes over $87,000 base salary

            Of course a lot of states pay a lot more then this salary.

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              In reply to message posted by Paul Wesley:
              Most decent “Master Plumbers” will not work for less then $125,000+ per year.

              My top mechanic journeyman makes over $87,000 base salary

              Of course a lot of states pay a lot more then this salary.

              Paul, I have to agree as the journeymen who works for me gets slightly over $45.00 per HR in the envelope.

              Of course a master plumber would require much more compensation as these folks are much better trained in most cases.

              Today especially we need higher caliper mechanics as we are asked to not only install most systems but the LMP should also be held completely accountable for the design of the piping systems and held responsible for any design failures.

              One plumber in my area was fined $120,000 which is a darn good start to get the point across plumbers must take full responsibility for their work.

              Up to now the general public has had to settle for second rate licensing as some area’s really do not have a clue to what constitutes a good plumber.

              A license is for the protection of the clients not the person holding this piece of paper

              Considering the real training a LMP should have I feel we are entitled to make a lot more then some of these stumblebums do charge.

              I know PERSONALLY I charge and get over $250 per HR AVERAGE service call

              This $250 is for one man one hour.

              If I send out just a journeyman Of course the rate is cut in half, but the mechanic does not have my training or draw the same salary I am entitled to.

              A decent helper with 3-5 years training should average $15-25 per HR not including benefits

              This of course is non union pricing as we know that the UA apprenticeship training is the best there is in the country.

              If a person does decide to enter a 5 year.. 10,000 hour and 720 hour code and theory program how can anyone expect to pay a very highly skilled craftsman less then $75 per HR?

              After all when I was just a journeyman I passed my certifications for brazing medical gas piping and certified welding oxyacetylene and electric.

              I was able as just a mechanic to lay out work and do my own drawings and read and draw blue prints.

              Working on acid systems and chill water systems for laser beams and commercial seam applications requiring 140# + of steam pressure requires skills and these skills someone has to pay for.

              Anyone can install plastic piping for residential uses and the “training” for most normal homes takes a few days. This is why some folks who think they are “plumbers” never see over $90,000 per year. They get paid exactly what they are worth PEANUTS, CHUMP change as they know they are failures so they cannot charge what a real professional is entitled to.

              To train someone to install drainage, waste and vent and water lines is easy as most of the contractors I read about do not bother to explain how to size the various piping sizes.

              They go by monkey see and monkey do approach and thus there stumblebum contractors should never charge more then a regular laborer rate and should only work for General contractors.

              Again ANY HOME OWNER can do 90% of the plumbing required and possibly even do it better then the so called “non licensed plumbers” out there.

              I think yearly testing should be required and if a contractor cannot pass a real test like the one given by the UA for apprentices then they should be put out of business.

              Plumbing design is not a hit and miss application.

              There are flow rates to consider and proper combustion when sizing gas lines and the K factoring for fire suppression systems etc.

              Canada has one of the best apprenticeship programs going as evidenced by one of their apprentices on my plumbers list.

              We need to weed out the know nothings so all decent plumbers can make the salary they are entitled to.

              My top LMP I pay over $3,000 for 35 hours worth of work BUT he is a self starter and needs no supervision and most importantly he does the entire job right, from drawing board to installation EVERYTHING.

              Have a great one


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