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      I have been having problems with mineal deposits in my pipes. We have blown out as much of the deposits as we can but there seems to be a blockage in one area. Lines to a toilet and a sink are clear and run fine but right after that there is a T in the line and everything after that runs very slow. What is the next thing we should do before replacing the pipe? Thank you very much!!

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      Avatar photoTheLocalPlumber

      Lynnbo, My guess is that the problem is not in the pipe but at the emergency shut off valves at the fixtures that are low pressure.
      Where is this material coming from? Could it be that the only problems are in the hot water service lines? This would indicate a problem with debri coming from the water heater. Deposits build up in the water heater and get into the piing system causing problems where the piping is restricted usually at the emergency shut off valves located at each fixture. To verify this is your problem, and not the faucets, the supply line could be removed from the emergency water shut off valve to see what kind of pressure is there. If it is OK then try replacing the supply line, if it is not OK then turn off the main water supply to the building and remove the shut off valve to replace with new.
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      Avatar photolynnbo

      Thank you so much for your reply. We have good hot water pressure so the hot water heater is OK.
      The cold water is giving us the problem. We have cut the line that comes into the house and the pressure is good there. Also from there the line goes into a toilet and a sink in one bathroom and the pressure is good there. Then it makes an elbow turn and goes to the rest of the house where the pressure is bad. Could it be in that elbow? We have blown the lines out with air and got a lot of the mineral deposits out. They are coming from our water well. But we think the problem is in that one spot. Thank you.

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