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      i was just wondering if you could give me a reasonable price for the supplying and fitting of a waste disposal unit/insinkerator for a kitchen sink as I have been charged £512.00. I know this is a lot to ask but if you could put it in writing to me I would be really grateful as I have a court case coming up and I need evidence to help me get my money back.
      Thanks a lot.

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      I purchased a kitchen sink waste disposer from Sears two years ago. The price including installation, was $130 (USD). It was their best model at the time.

      Dick John

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Marcia Charles. No Plumber with ethics is about to answer this question. you may wish to contact a Consumer advocate or you local Master Plumbers Assn who may investigate the circumstances & give a written report.

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      fourth year

      An average price might have no relationship to your installation. You could have received the top of the line disposer and have required extensive piping replacement. The working space available can also be a consideration it it is in a small cabiner or have other equipement around it. The easiest thing in the world to do is second guess a job that has already been installed, because we do not know the amount of materials required or the time to install them. If you really think it was a serious overcharge, then you may have to pay a different plumber to check it out and see if he would give a statement as to what he would have charged for the same job. You may have problems with this, since the second plumber might then have to testify at the hearing and may not wish to devote the time to it.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Going on from fourth year.
      1.was there a 3″ hole in the sink
      2. did the contractor supply the electricity
      3. did the waste pipe have to be upgraded
      4. was the installation on the ground floor
      5. was the installation in a high rise
      6. was the installation passed by the
      7. were there any fees to be paid to authorities
      8. was there a quote
      9. was there an estimate
      10. did you sign a acceptance of the job on
      11. were you happy with the job or just unhappy
      about the cost.
      12. did you know the charges before the job was
      I could go on, but there is no point.

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