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      Arthur C. Bayles

      After draining my water heater and shutting off my drain valve.What is the best way to stop a The drain valve on the water heater is leaking after draining the water heater with the water hose. I turned the drain valve off very tight. However, the drain valve continues to drip. What should I do to stop the drips. Thanks in the advance.null mosbybe@kc.rr.com

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      fourth year

      The drain valve on a water heater is not the highest quality one they could get. In fact if there were a cheaper one they would use it. The correct repair is to unscrew the old valve and install a brass nipple and female hose faucet. This is assuming your valve is not plastic and breaks off when you try to remove it. In that case, it will be a slightly more complicated job, but will still be the best way to go.

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      Before you just try to remove the existing valve you should take into consideration how old this tank is.

      If it is more then 5 years old you may want to just place a hose bibb cap on the valve threads.

      This repair will cost you about $1.00

      rather then shutting off the gas and water supply and draining down the system replacing the existing valve and re filling and hopefully not run into any unseen problems


Viewing 2 reply threads
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