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      I moved into my condo in May 2000. It was built in 1978.

      In May of this year, I came home to find the carpet in the dining room soaked from a slab leak in my kitchen. It was then I found out that this was the fifth time in recent history (the previous owner failed to disclose this little piece of information to me) that this had happened. After several months and a lot of hassle, the leak was repaired, the carpet and kitchen flooring replaced.

      Horror of horrors, yesterday I found that the tile in the kitchen in the same spot is hot and I suspect the problem again.

      I am not a plumber so I do not know how to direct the plumbers who are working on this project to resolve the problem.

      Is there a way to solve the problem at its root instead of continuing to patch parts of the pipe under the slab. It’s obviously not working. The good news is that the expense is covered by condo insurance so I don’t pay. The bad news is am at the mercy of the contractors the insurance company hires and not in a position to give them much direction. If it is happening again, I want to assert my position (that I want it it addressed at the source.)

      I would appreciate any help someone can give me about what is the most realistic and effective way to address this problem.


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      Seeing as how you admit your not a plumber why do you feel you have to “direct them”

      Would you direct a doctor as to how to operate on your brain?

      If you have a licensed Master plumber working on the job then the best thing you can do is keep out of the professionals way.

      The insurance company when they hire a LMP are taking full responsibility that the work will be performed properly.

      There are options that can be suggested with a Garbage under slab heating system that goes bad.

      Speak to your PROFESSIONAL plumber and leave these folks do the job right.

      Here read this it may help


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      You probably have a pipe that has numerous spots of corrosion inside or outside. You need to replace the entire line and/or try to slow down the rate corrosion. After you have determined if the corrosion is occuring from the inside or outside. Try looking at these websites.

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