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      Which brand and model of tank typw water closets are the best for flushing. The power asssist type toilets are to noisy and the water conservation toilet do not always flush good. Please help!

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      CRANE without a DOUBT is the BEST money can buy

      I have installed litterly over 3,000 of them NOT one call back!!!!! not true with any other brands I used.
      The designer of the so called pressure assisted NEEDS a SEVERE BEATING

      Now if you have the correct size piping 1″ min and enough pressure 30# min GO for a Sloan Royal 1.6 and a elongated bowl.
      I have some in my home and they carry away ANYTHING you can throw inside them.

      The Crane white 1.6 Close Couple tank and bowl is Cheap in price BUT the VERY BEST in Quality Figure paying around $60.00 at a decent plumbing supply.

      If you send me a private E mail ILL give you the name of a great supplier.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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