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      I have a Cast Iron Wood and Coal Hot Water Furnace(Buderus German made about 20 years old) that has developed a tiny pinhole water leak. It is located about 1/4 inch away from the lip that seals the upper door. The furnace seems in good shape otherwise.

      Can it be fixed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


      Tim Conway

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      I repaired my cracked cast iron radiators for a hot water heating system with epoxy putty ten years ago. They are still holding up. I would certainly give that a try if no one else comes up with a better idea. JB Weld, available in auto parts stores, is designed to be used on engine blocks which get very hot. I have heard of people successfully using it to repair cracked engine blocks.

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      Thanks Kerry
      Its down to the 40s today and I intend to try to fix this quickly. I’ll let you know


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