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        i am contemplating buying a house built in 1950 that has a hot water baseboard heating system. i’ve lived in an apartment with radiators so i’m accustomed to the type of warmth that they give out. should i replace this system with something else, and if so, with what; and if i shouldn’t, will the heat feel like radiator heat? i’m a very cold-natured person so i need a heating system that will keep me nice and toasty warm.

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        Avatar photojack spotz

          the hot water baseboard should keep you warm and happy. hot water heat doesnt dry the air, is not drafty, and is silent, all excellent qualities! the difference between copper tube baseboard and your old radiators is, the hot water baseboard is convective heat. it heats the air which in turn heats you. your old radiators were “radiant” heat. they heated like the sun, they warmed objects around them, like you, furniture, the walls, etc. which in turn warmed the air. you WON’T stand in front of the baseboard to warm up real quick after coming in from the cold like you could with radiant, but it is a better system than hot air. if you feel like spending money, pull up the carpets and install in-floor radiant. if you just need reliable heat, move in and decide later weather to blow 10 grand to replace a perfectly good heating system. hope this helps!

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