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      My 75gal gas WH makes a very loud rattling sound when a demand is put on the hot water (a sink will not do it). Any shower easily causes this. The sound is very loud, and travels through the pipes in the house; although it is loudest near the WH. It sounds just like a coffee can with a dozen metal ball bearings in it being spun round-and-round with a couple of them hitting the bottom every now and then. That’s when it gets really loud for a few seconds. I do not have any deposit build up so I doubt it’s deposits bouncing around inside the WH. However, I have not fully drained the WH to be sure.
      One important point: this started six months ago, when I spliced a T into the hot water line, 10 ft from the WH. This is the source for a new washer I am putting the basement. I have not used the washer yet, but the copper is complete from this new T down to the hot water spigot hookup.
      Any suggestions or hints?


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      When yu sodder a lot of the sodder dosnt stick to the inside and rolls down the pip to the tank like litle balls. Tha extra haf pound of solder is like litle balls in the can and the hi speed water sends them aroiund lik bebes in a box. Yu need to disonect the tank an rattle the balls out.

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      Is the tap (faucet)to the washer turned on ??

      If so, turn off the tap and see if you can still get the water hammer to kick in.

      Try here too water hammer

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