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      Hi, My unit is leaking water continually…the air is working fine though. I can’t afford to have this looked at. The unit outside is brand new, it’s leaking on the inside (garage) where the filters go. I had the coils recently cleaned so it’s not that. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sandy

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      Depending on how recent you had it cleaned, might be the cleaaner missed correctly reinstalling the parts


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      IF it is during air conditioning cycle, then it is supposed to leak. It is condensation off the coil and more water will drain when it is humid than during dry spells. The pipe is also supposed to be installed so the water drains to a safe location, not onto the floor. Unless the pipe is plugged and the water you see is overflowing the drain’s vent opening.

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      Take a wet vaccum cleaner and suck the drain line from the coil.. this will usually clean any blockage in the drain.. A 3/4 pvc pipe going to a drain from the coil box..

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