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      Can anyone tell me where to find a 6″ center to center kitchen faucet???? I live in Chicagoland. I recall a store that carries all sorts of parts and supplies for older model faucets.

      I need a new faucet or a place that carries parts for a 6″ center to center faucet from an old farmhouse, that the pipes are soldered on to the faucet itself, and then attach to the water supply lines.

      Thanks for whatever leads you can give me.

      – Tina

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      Buy a Delta 100WF. You will remove the two screws on the bottom that hold the plate in place. Then move the two bolts from the outside holes to the inner ones to give a 6″ c/c measurement. You can also use a faucet that attaches using the center hole only, Price Pfister being one brand that has a faucet like that.

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