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        I have a bathroom floor that is warping. I haven’t detected a leaknd have been told it could be because the shower curtain isn’t closed right. The water heater is in a closet adjacent to the bathroom door,water heater is new. What could be the cause? Would a drain cause that..the warping is in line with the faucet in the shower. Any help is appreciated.

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Most of the codes I have read state the bathroom flooring must be non absorbent materials for this obvious reason.

          If you have water lines especially cold water passing under this floor during humid days the condensation could cause enough moisture to cause this type of condition.

          Very common in high rise buildings with a central absorption cooling unit.

          Check your piping carefully and feel around for dripping lines this is an indication some fixture maybe running like a defective flapper or diaphragm inside a toilet tank or flushometer or a piston assembly on a Sloan Gem or other fixture may have a slight drip

          What you should be looking for is condensation…

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          Avatar photoGuest

            Can you let us know what the floor is made of. Tiled/timber, parquetry/concrete each has its own reason for warping

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