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      I was going to replace the wax ring on our existing toilet because water was leaking at the bottom of the toilet. I however noticed that the metal flange that the toilet and wax ring sit on was loose. My question to anyone is, Does the metal flange need to be bolted down to the floor or in my case the cement foundation?

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for a newbie handyman wanna-be.

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      Depending on the material your floor flange is attached to what your supposed to do.

      If it is lead you normally solder it to the brass flange

      If it is cast Iron you caulk it with lead and Oakum

      If it is No Hub Cast Iron you just tighten down on the flange nuts.

      If it plastic crap your SOL and best bet is to try to put lead shields into the cement floor to anchor this defect in materials and so called workmanship. BUT as the stumblebums say PLASTIC is the new CHEEEP way of dabbling in plumbing….

Viewing 1 reply thread
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