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      I have been in a new home for 2 years. The waranty was for 1 year and the plumber wont return my calls…….In the past 4 months i’ve had 2 toilets leaking from the wax ring. The flooring got black marks on them because it was getting wet from underneath. This had to be a slow process because the ceilings below never got wet.
      Well i’m fixing the second one now and I noticed on the wax ring,(it came off in 1 piece), there were 2 small sections that are not compacted down. I looked under the toilet and sure enough there are 2 sections that contour up leaving a void. I was going to cut a couple pieces of wax ring and fill these voids before I put the main wax ring on. Will this work or will the pieces blow out when flushing.(gravity toilet). Shouldnt the bottom be flat for a nice solid fit for the ring? Sorry for the long message but I guess I’m venting for having a new house and having these problems.

      Thanks in advance……..

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      Joe, go out and buy Hercules deep seal wax gaskets (the one with the horn) and get a set of BRASS Johnny bolts Also Hercules or SOS brand.

      For under $2.00 why bother playing with the old wax?

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      Where I am, we supply a 12 month warranty on the plumbing. The builder supplies over 6 years on his building, which INCLUDES all the works associated with the buiding, including plumbing. So the plumbing realy has over 6 years too, if you go back to the builder. So try that angle.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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