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      I have an older 2 story house. The water upstairs tastes bad and has a slight cloudy brownish color. A humidifier that was filled with water from upstairs was left with brown flakes and a brown ring around it. The water on the main floor is just fine. Any suggestions as to why that is and if there is anything I can do would be greatly appreciated.

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      Scott Bryan

      Lisa, It sounds like you have galvanized pipes going to the second floor and it’s rusting thats why you are getting that brown water. I would guess the supply pipes to the first floor have been changed to copper. There are only 2 ways to correct the problem, (1) replace the old galvanized pipes. (2) install a water filter at the faucets on the second floor. I hope this gives you some ideas. Good luck,


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      Thank you! I think the downstairs pipes have been replaced with copper, so that makes sense. I appreciate the reply.

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