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        I have gray poly water supply pipe in my house and have heard that this product has been recalled, do you know if
        this is true and who would I contact if it is? Also can you inform me of any possible problems I may have with this

        Thank you

        Tom Callender

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        Avatar photoGuest

          It sounds like you have a Polybutylene water pipe system-I know nothing about a “recall” per se- but it was part of a very large class action lawsuit that has been ongoing for some time now-with several manufacturers involved-most of them are major oil companies (Shell & Texaco… I think- this was 6 years ago). The name of the manufacturer should be on the pipe itself & you can probably research from there. If you don’t particularly feel like ripping into your walls, going under your house, or into your attic, Try researching the name “Quest” or “Qest” (I can’t remember How it’s spelled). As far as repairing the pipe goes… fittings & replacement pipe are sometimes hard to come by since it is a discontinued product (due to the fact that it was a poor system that was prone to leaks) but, I have seen crimp rings & fittings at the Home Depot from time to time. A repipe is recommended & with some of the new products available (Wirsbo & Plumb-pex polyethylene systems)-repiping the house yourself…or even hiring a plumbing contractor would be fairly cheap & easy). As far as suing the manufacturer goes, you may be successful.

          good luck

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          Avatar photoPlumb

            You should call 1-800-356-3496, this is CPRC, consumer plumbing recovery center. They handle all of the PB claims in the country. They will be able to explain whether or not you can qualify for free replacement….age of your home, how many leaks, what type of fittings(metal or plastic) etc…
            Good luck, E-mail us if you have any more Q’s.
            Plumb Plumbing

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