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      HELP! My toliet which is at least 12 years old has several annoying problems. I’m trying to decide whether to fix or buy a new one. There are 3 problems:
      1)It overflows occasionally, thus leaking water down to first level kitchen ceiling (argh!!)….which leads to the second problem 2) It does not always stop filling after flushing and 3) It is not bolted down securely. I have replaced the hardware inside the tank, but after a few weeks/months it still won’t stop filling after flushing. I AM TIRED OF YELLING AT MY FAMILY AND GUESTS TO “JIGGLE” THE HANDLE”!!! I am thinking of purchasing a new toliet since that would solve most of the problems. Regarding new toliets….do they have overflow prevention or is that something I can “add” to my old toliet? I have noticed that new toliets seem to have bad “suck power” and get clogged often (hotels are infamous for this!) I don’t want to replace one problem with another. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! p.s. If you think a new toliet is in order…is one brand/style better than another?

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      fourth year

      The only way to get overflow protection is to install one of the low tank one piece toilets, such as the Kohler San Raphael. Your other problems may, or may not, be able to be fixed if you called a plumber.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Claire. The annoying problems you have described are all fixable by a Licensed Master Plumber, if you continue to try to fix the problem without knowing how! Then the problems will continue. Call a LMP.

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      Claire if your toilet is a color one matching other fixtures then hire a LMP to replace everything inside the tank BUT if it is a plain white one go for a New crane toilet 1.6 GPF and forget the other non working fancy name brands

      Labor is expensive materials are cheap by comparison. SylvanLMP

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