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      I have a Gerber 3.5 gallon toilet in a small outdoor bath that won’t flush completely. The toilet was there when we bought the house and I just realized that there is no vent stack. The water siphons out of the bowl very rapidly after flushing. It will flush completely if you pour 5 gallons of water into the bowl so I don’t think that the line is blocked. I’ve cleaned the openings under the rim. There was some build up in them. I tried to snake the small hole below the water line but the wire only went a short distance straight up then stopped. Which way should it go from there?
      Will this toilet ever flush properly without a vent or will I have to install a stack? There is no sink or shower just the toilet.

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      The problem may just be in your toilet. How high is the water level in your tank? It should be about 1″ maximum below the top of the overflow – The lever handle chain may be too long, causing the flapper to close too soon as well. these are a couple of things to look at before ripping into your walls to vent your toilet. However, all toilets (& all fixtures for that matter) really should be vented.

      good luck

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