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      Over the years sludge has built up on the inaccessible surfaces of a washing machine. Bits of black stuff keeps breaking away and get mixed up with the clothes. How to clean?

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      Try running a few empty loads with bleachy hot water- I can’t really think of anything else beyond hiring somebody to service it & by then you are halfway to buying a new washer.

      good luck

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      Roy.. I had a sludge problem and I solved it by filling the tub up as full as it would go with very hot water, and poured one gallon of vinegar in, I let it agitate for about 5 minutes, then turned it off and let it set for another ten min, so the vinegar could do its work, then let it go through the rest of the cycle. You would not believe the junk the vinegar worked loose and got rid of. Luck. C

Viewing 2 reply threads
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