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        I live in SE Michigan where we’ve been experiencing something of a drought. For a few weeks now we’ve been on outdoor water restriction. We’ve experienced lower than normal water pressure, which is to be expected. Lately, though, water pressure is back to normal throughout the house with the exception of the kitchen faucet. All other faucets seem normal, but the kitchen one is so slow and the pressure is so low. It almost seems that there’s a bubble or something. Anybody have any ideas?

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        Avatar photoazisme

          Did you check the screens in the faucet? With the water supply being so low, sand and dirt could have been drawn in.

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          Avatar photoGuest

            Thanks! That’s exactly what the problem was. My dad suggested the same thing (I asked him only after I had explored other resources- I’m trying to be independent!) and sure enough, the screen was all full of grit. Thanks again!

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