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      Am renting an apt. and water pressure in my shower is low. Water arcs downward instead of straight out. When I turn the hot water handle on, I get some water, then when I add cold water, it should add more volume coming through as it does in the bathroom sink, but it does not. Water also changes from hot to cold back to hot again. The mgmt keeps telling me there is nothing wrong. I have never seen such poor pressure in a shower. What can I do? I changed the shower head from the water saver one to a normal shower head and still have poor pressure.

      How can you tell if it’s rust buildup in the pipes or a broken valve or valve washer/seal?

      What pressure should be coming thru the pipes? 30, 40 50, or 60 psi??? What’s normal?

      Can I contact my local water company to check the pressure or do I need to hire a plumber?
      The building is approx. 10 years old.

      Possible do-it-yourself fixes?

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      Simple send a registered letter to the building owners CC your lawyer.

      Explain in the letter how you were taking a shower and due to the wide temperature fluctuations you were started by the very hot water and thus fell.

      You missed some time from work and now have severe headaches and your scared to use this fixture.

      You also feel that this unsafe condition could have been simply avoided if the building owner when you 1st notified them would have had the common decency of hiring a “professional LICENSED plumber” to check this shower body for proper SAFE operation.

      As professional licensed master plumbers, we could have offered you some options like an ANTI SCALD shower head or a pressure temperature balance shower body.

      Now for a point of information I have severed as an “expert witness” on over 25 burn cases alone and I never lost a case.

      Once you notify the powers that be there is a problem and they fail to take proper cause of action in a timely manner then let them compensate you like the
      Mc Donald’s case.

      Burns are not to be taken lightly.

      Here check out this article.

      The word criminal neglect does come to mind.

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