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      Avatar photorohan mcintosh

        I have a problem with an old pedestal sink in an old mansion house that the drain assembly went to the dogs. A local plumber told me these parts have been obsolete for 30 years which I don’t doubt, however, we would like to keep it as it was originally set up and I’m sure there is a part out there somewhere. This is the type that the pop up is enclosed within the basin and cannot be seen. If anyone has an idea where I can comntinue my search, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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        Avatar photoScott Bryan

          I have found the original drains available at DEA Bath in califorina. They are very expensive but it’s the only way to keep the original sink. The last onr I got was over $200. Take a look at their site I think they have it there.


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          Avatar photoGuest

            Try Sexauer or Creed or the Water Source in the Bronx, NY Each of these places have decent realistic prices.

            No reason to pay high prices for Quality replacement parts.

            Many of the mansions I work in were built in 1922 and parts are STILL Available for competitive prices

            Look for my E mail in plumbviews section of this site and E mail me and ILL give you phone numbers etc.

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            Avatar photodustiey

              Thanks Scott. After checking that site I think I’ll probably be replacing the sink. I don’t think my boss wants to keep it that original! Thanks again.

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              Avatar photodustiey

                Thanks for the info Sylvan. As I just said to Scott, that place is high. Nice to know there is someone out there with some info. Isn’t this internet great? Thanks again and I’ll let you know how I make out.

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