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      I have a Moen High rise Kitchen faucett for large pans. The Operational valve is mounted on the sink seperate from the spout. When turned on it was leaking around the valve handle. I removed the handle and a threaded cap above the stem then I found a “C” shaped retainer clip above the plastic cartiage and still can’t seem to get the stem out. What am I missing?

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      You are missing the tool required to remove the stem. I use any one of four different ones to remove the stem, depending on why the old one will not come out easily.

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      Assuming you do not have the cartridge puller,you can use a pair of channelock pliers.You will probably pull the center of the cartridge out ,if this happenstake a straight blade screwdriver that has a tip that will fit inside the outer portion of the cartridge and the sides of the screwdriver wont .Next gently tap the driver in the cartridge and turn and lift up.this works for me .good luck.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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