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      I have a problem whereby the water dribbles out of the overflow pipe. The system comprises the main heating tank and a smaller filler tank.
      The additional water which causes the overflow is not coming from the inlet water pipe as I have checked /replaced the water seal and looked for any leaks.
      However the water in the filler tank is warm indicating the water is backflowing from the main tank into the filler tank
      This problem has just commenced recently with water irregularly dribling (day and night)from the overflow pipe. Any suggestions?

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      George, you have a falling level or low pressure HWS.
      When water is heated, it expands. You are probably on a off peak tarrif so when nobody is using the hot water or when the power is off, you have tinkered with the inlet valve. Call a licensed Plumber to correctly adjuste the ball valve.

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