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      Hello. I just replaced all the components of my toilet with new Fluid Master parts; however, I can’t get the tank back onto the body of the toilet. The rubber ring which goes around the base of the flush valve will not fit into the hole to the bowl. Subsequently, when the bowl fills with water it drains out through the bolts which hold the tank to the base of the toilet because the tank is clearly not wedged into the base far enough for the bolts and washers to be fully waterproofed. What should I do? I do have plumber’s putty-can (or should I) use this instead of the rubber gasket that came with the repair kit? I am not a professional- just a housewife- and perhaps I didn’t get the correct repair kit. I went down to Home Depot and bought what the guy showed me; however, maybe it’s the wrong size or something. Are there different repair kit sizes? How would I know which one fits my toilet without having to buy several to compare at home? Any help or thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated! I have guests coming to stay in a few hours and had wanted the toilet to be repaired in the guest bedroom; otherwise they will have to traipse downstairs in the middle of the night to use the potty. Thanks in advance for any replies-Please e-mail me *privately* at .

      Julie Holmes

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      It seems that the USA is still like Dodge City! In Australia we have rules governing the Plumbing Industry, Unlicenced persons are allowed to simply replace tap washers or cistern rubbers. Any person carrying out any other work which is required to be carried out by licensed persons can be fined up to $12500.00. I would suggest that any American Plumber that is proud of his trade would suggest that you get a Licensed Master Plumber to fix your problem.

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      I understand your concerns. I have no problem calling a master plumber for items that I cannot fix myself. The problem I am describing seems to be a simple one. I would never, for example, try and install a brand new toilet. However, I don’t agree that a homeowner should *have* to call a plumber for simple plumbing problems. I replaced our garbage disposal two years ago and it works fine-it was a project that involved minor plumbing and electrical issues. I am confident in my ability to do *minor* repairs around the house, although my professional skills lie elsewhere. Perhaps I did myself a disservice by describing myself as “just a housewife,” for I am a woman of many abilities and aptitudes who is seeking an answer to what is likely a minor problem. Again, I understand your concerns and appreciate your feedback. If anyone has an answer to my question, I’d like to hear from you. My e-mail address is . Thanks!

      Julie Holmes

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      fourth year

      The rubber gasket that was furnished should have had a recess that fit over the bottom nut of the flush valve and impacted on the bottom of the tank.

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