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        I replaced my kitchen disposer with a new one and now the pressure valve at the top of the plumbing has a rattling noise when draining a semi full sink of water. It never made this noise before and I can’t figure out why putting a replacement disposer in would have anything to do with it. The kitchen sink is a double sink and each side has it’s own trap before it goes into the main drain. They go into the drain pipe seperatly. The pressure valve is at the top of all the plumbing. Any ideas why this is now making a noise or how to stop it???
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          It is rattling because it is letting air into the plumbing system. There are a lot of reasons why it could be happening, starting with a bad Studor vent. But if the noise is not due to a bad air admittance valve, then replacing it will not cure the problem. This is one of the reasons a vent out the roof is preferable to a mechanical vent fitting.

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