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        Does anyone know a company that will re-plumb my trailer and the payment come from the recovery center? I have a 1992 16×70 Cavelier MH, 3brms, two baths, I have leaks at Hotwater connection, and appears to now have leak in front somewhere as water is standing in front of the MH…I am not fanically able to repair then wait for reimbursement, and I did file a claim with CPRC and they have sent me paperwork but it looks like all they offer is for me to make repairs then they will reimburse….I know several of the neighbors had theirs repalced at no cost to them…does anyone know what company does that?

        Thanks for your help, I need it.

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        Avatar photofourth year

          Did you file with the company at 800-356-3496. I have not known them to reimburse for replacement, lately, (they used to years ago or when a local contractor is not available), since they have fixed price contracts with local plumbers and do not like to pay other plumbers who might overcharge for the installation.

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