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        I recently moved into a house that has a well and pressure tank. The pressure was extremely low so we adjusted the pressure tank. Now we keep running out of water becuase the pressure tank will not fill back up. We have to manually make it fill back up again. What did we do to it?

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          It depends on how you adjusted the tank. If the tank has a bladder and you increased the pressure of the bladder in the tank by putting more air (nitrogen is better) into the bladder, then the water will reach the pump shutoff pressure earlier than before. There is now less room for the water content.

          If you adjusted the pressure switch, it could be maladjusted if the low pressure cut-in setting was moved up without in some way the high pressure cut-out setting moving up.

          A non-diaphragm tank would have less acceptance volume for water to fill the tank if the pressure switch cut-in and cut-out settings were moved up together.

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