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        Have an old iron radiator. After cleaning a filling with water while upside down, found a fine leak in second section. How “easy” would it be to remove a section or is there a relatively reliable glue to seal a fine leak? I understand operating pressure is quite low (10lbs)?

        Thanks for suggestions, Brian.

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          A crack is usually just an indicator of further damage beneath the crack. While epoxy may hold for a while on a cleaded surface, the crack usually gets larger and fails at an inconvenient time. A good patch would include drilling a hole at the extreme ends of the crack to prevent the crack from running further. cutting a bevel into the metal provides a larger surface for the sealer to adhere. Black and White, a sulphur compound requires correct heating. A more secure eway is to pry the sections apart, remove the bad section and rejoin them with new push nipples.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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