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        We own a 7 y.o. house with some possible water damage outside the third floor master bathroom shower. We have a stall tile shower with a glass door and unfortunately, no access panel. The woodwork near the floor outside of the shower has shown signs on water damage for some time and we have a never ending ant problem on this third floor as well (not in rest of house). We have gotten several opinions although have not had an actual plumber come in because of the difficulty in getting to the pipes (the shower head in on an outside wall with no access). Also, there IS NOT any sign of water damage in the second floor ceiling directly below this bathroom although we do have a damp basement two floors down on the same side of the house. Any suggestions on where to go from here? We are concerned that we have major damage inside the wall due to continued ant problem.

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          Get a plumber in to check, there are several possible problems, faulty shower base seal, grout failing out, leaking taps behind wall, etc etc. Your insurance company might be able to help with the cost of locating the leak, and damaged created by the leak.

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