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      I’m looking to make a business plan for a storefront restroom in a major US city. How do I go about getting a ROUGH estimated price

      a men’s room and a women’s room
      14 Toilets
      6 Urinals
      14 Sinks

      All auto-flush


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      fourth year

      Since this must be to develop a budget, using the figure of $900.00 per fixture should put them in the neighborhood. This would not include water and sewer to the site, and would also change if they went to other than competitive fixtures.

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      Get somebody in to quote it, cannot give a price on something that I have not seen

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      I dont know about USA. I have worked in the plumbing industry carrying out Installations & maintenance on Domesti, Commercial, Industrial- Plumbing Drainage, Gasfitting, Roof & roof plumbing for the last 39 years since my Apprenticship. I know there is a degree of difficulty to be added to any job pricing. For example roughing in a cottage in a residential subdivission as against working in a shop front situation in a small town as against working in a inner city shopfront, where parking & proximity to the workplace will differ tremendously. If you are truly trying to get a professional bussiness plan together – get 3 quotes from reputable Licenced Master Plumbers in your area. this will give you a real indication of your upfront costs, but please don’t stuff the contractors around, get professional plans for them to work to.

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      Here is a thought, estimating by computer can cut your time in half and is far more accurate and professional than could ever be done by hand.

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