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      I have an old two-part toilet. The rubber gasket on the fitting that attaches to the back of the bowl is leaking. The fitting and gasket just plug into to the back of the bowl. I am sure that I wont be able to find a new gasket so is there some kind of adhesive that I could use to fasten the rubber gasket to the ceramic bowl?

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      Scott Bryan

      What you need is called the close couple tank to bowl gasket. It is very important you use the correct gasket for the toilet you have. Find any numbers on the inside of the tank so you can identify exactly what toilet you have to get the correct gasket. Use this link to see the parts breakdowns for many two piece toilets. Good luck,

      Scott http://www.plumbingpartsdepot.com/twopiecetoilet.html

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      fourth year

      you can get a new gasket, but do not bother with it since a whole new fitting will be easier to install. Buy a new 2″ closet spud and then try to unscrew the old one. It should twist out of the bowl. Then you can insert the new one and tighten it up. You will want to have the flush ell inserted into the spud before you assemble it otherwise getting it together, without previous experience, can be frustrating.

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